Bar Indigo ♥♥♥

Bar Indigo, 15 Cross Street, Double Bay -  Map
Saturday 30 April 2011

2.8 'Wow. A knife! Beginners luck, perhaps?'

Hello Indigo, my lovely local breakfast provider. I like you most when I get a seat outside, on the median strip, beneath the trees and umbrellas. It's very nice there, although it is a mystery that your hunky waiters have survived so long without being hit by a porche. Today I had your corn fritters with bacon, avocado, tomato relish and baby spinach. I've had this before, it's very good (and huge), but not quite as good as Clodeli's. You did however give me a stainless steel steak knife - impressive! This cutlery item is probably your best asset, followed by the median strip. My friend Scotty was not so impressed with you. He wanted to use your porcelain facilities and was very disappointed to find he a) needed to request a key to access your b) somewhat dismal looking out-back toilet. I believe a restaurant's toilet amenities are an indicator of their kitchen amenities and should always be assessed for cleanliness. I hope your kitchen is cleaner than your porcelains Indigo. I will have to come back for a closer inspection, and to put your sturdy looking knife to the sourdough test.

Coffee: 2
Eggs: No eggs today
Toast: No toast today
Knife: Your stainless steel steak knife made me very happy! Thank you.
Porcelain: 2 Scotty did not like your toilet facilities or their lack of accessibility.
Ambience: 3
Price: 2 It is Double Bay after all.