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30 Clovelly Road, Randwick - Map
Saturday 3 December 2011

3.5 'Can't go wrong here. Try the potato stack or bakery treats'

Hello Parc. Wow. I just loved you today. I spent ages looking over your menu. I couldn’t decide which decedent dish to eat. The poached eggs with tomato relish? The ricotta and berry compote pancakes? My old time fave, the potato cake stack (a must have for hungry patrons)? Or your freshly cooked bakery treats? I once had a pistachio, plum and custard muffin here. It was incredible. A winning combo. Today I went with the pancakes. You’re a busy place. Always alive and buzzing with families and bike riders. You don’t have any funky lights or crazy furniture, just a minimalist, modern style with wooden tables, sunny open windows and fresh faced, happy staff. You brew your own coffee, supplied by a local roaster. That’s cool. And you have a fridge full of salads and deli options for take-away. I really liked you today Parc. Really. One hot tip though: get a steak knife.

Coffee: 4 For originality. 
Eggs: 4 I've had them before, they're great. 
Toast: 4 Lots of options.
Knife: 2 MIA
Ambience: 4 Busy, happy, family, friendly vibe.  
Price: 3
 You're not cheap Parc, but you have bang for buck.




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