Skinny Dip ♥♥

97 Hall Street, Bondi - Map
10:30am Sunday 7 August 2011

2.33 'Get a takeaway capp'

Hello Skinny Dip. You are a tourist cafe with a road sign 'dip' for a logo. You have American looking menus, table numbers, plastic chairs and lots of patrons looking for hangover cure grub. You were busy. And I have to admit, you served some goooood coffee. With chocolate scrapings on top. You know how I like that. But you lacked soul and charisma, finesse and style, and not to mention, a decent knife to get through my un-naturally robust toast. I nearly elbowed Emma in the eye. I don't think I'll be back Skinny Dip. I'm sorry. 

Coffee: 4 I'm a sucker for real chocolate on capps. And the coffee itself was susprisingly good.
Eggs: 3 Nice.
Toast: 1 I don't do thick white toast.
Knife: 2    
Ambience: 1 A tourist joint. Lacked soul and charm.
Price: 3 Eggs and toast are $9. Cheap and cheerful menu.