Greens Cafe ♥♥♥

140 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach - Map
Saturday 18 June 2011

3.30 'Low-key Bondi spot'

Hello Greens. I've heard good things about you. You're chilled and cosey, and although cool, you're not too cool for school like some of your Bondi neighbours. I had your corn fritters. And then had menu envy when I tasted Damien and Marty's pesto scrambled eggs with proscuitto. They were tasty. Still lacking a sharp knife though Greens.

Coffee: 4 Good large soy caps.
Eggs: 3 Wish I'd had the pesto eggs.
Toast: ? Under all the eggs I couldn't tell what toast you served.
Knife: 2 Average.
Ambience: 3.5
Price: 4