Boncaffe ♥♥♥♥

46 Frenchmans Road, Randwick - Map
Saturday 12 November 2011

3.54 'We got a knife! But just one'

Ah Bon. You've been sitting just down the road from me all this time and I've never before visited you. I thought you looked a little boring. Sterile maybe? I don't know. But I never fancied popping by. Today though, out of sheer lack of time, I visited you for a quick and dirty feed with what I assumed to be some cheap and nasty cutlery. Well. You can imagine my surprise when your waitress emerged with a steak knife. Yes, a steak knife. After all this time. You were right under my nose and I didn't think to check. I thought my quest was over right there and then. Until I realised that there was only one steak knife, and still two butter knives. Why just one? I was so baffled, I had to call the waitress over to explain. Apparently because Marty's eggs benedict was a towering inferno with two slices of toast, it required the steak knife. Damien's plain eggs on toast did not. Nor did my plain toast. So, not quite the success story I'd first imagined. As for the rest of your products and services, loved the menu, very comprehensive; great coffee, including chocolate; buzzing vibe on Frenchmans and nice basic set-up. There's nothing too fancy about you, but you've definitely got the basics covered.
Coffee: 3.5 Nice touch with the chockie.  
Eggs: 3.5 Looked good.  
Toast: 3.5 All the main varieties are available.
Knife: 4.75 Wow. You really threw me with that blade Bon. Impressive. Just got to start using them for all your toast related meals and we'll be seriously on to something.
Ambience: 3 Nothing fancy, good all round venue. 
Price: 3 Not the cheapest, but extravegant dishes. $9.50 for eggs on toast.