Bills ♥♥♥

433 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst - Map
9am Saturday 14 May 2011

3.0 'Safe bet'

Hello Bills. I do like your cafe here on Liverpool Street. The open windows, communal dining, helpful and experienced staff, fresh food and delicately prepared meals are consistently first-rate. You know what you’re doing. Your scrambled eggs are light and fluffy, your sour dough crisp (and surprisingly easy to cut with your butter knife, probably cause it’s so thinly sliced) and your corn fritters fresh and healthy. It’s no wonder you have survived so many years in the fickle cafe culture that is Sydney. Anna, Dalbs, Alisha, Aaron, Damien and I spent an enjoyable two hours in your presence. As much as I like you though, you don’t have that competitive edge that Tiger has with its coffee or Clodeli has with its corn fritters. You’re good Bills, but you’re not the one.

Coffee: 3
Eggs: 3
Toast: 3
Knife: 2
Ambience: 4
Price: 3