Our Place on Darling ♥♥♥♥

225 Darling Street, Balmain - Map
Sunday 28 August 2011

3.9 'All good'

Well hello there Our Place. I have heard good things about you. And at our group brunch session today, you did not disappoint. You've a sunny outdoor cabana rooftop, littered with large solid wooden tables, serving mugs of coffee and a great menu to boot, well done you. Our group of ten ordered a variety of dishes from the corn and roast pumpkin fritters, to the big brekkie; omelets to potted and green scrambled eggs. Took a while for it all to come out, but when it did, it was worth re-filling the parking meter for. I like you. Use those decent knives you have on file for your dinner patrons (yes, I saw your stash downstairs, I know you have them) and I'll like you even more.

Coffee: 4.5 Oh. This chocolate topped cappuccino business is becoming competitive. I was going to give you a 5 Our Place, but I had to make it a 4.5, it's just not as good as Tigers and it'd be unfair if I gave you top marks. I'm sorry.
Eggs: 4 Gooey? Tick.
Toast: ? None for me today. 
Knife: 3 Sort it out people.
Ambience: 4 Whether it's inside, out by Darling St or up on the roof, it's all good.
Price: 4 $8 for eggs on toast, bargain. And nothing over $18.