Green Mango ♥♥♥

220 Clovelly Road, Clovelly - Map 
Sunday 14 August 2011
                                                                                                                                           3.25 'Deli-icious'

Green Mango. You were my salvation after the city2surf. I was hungry and you had food. And for a deli, remarkably good food. $8 for eggs any style on any toast. That's got to be a record. You're like a small scale version of Clodeli with quiches, salads and treaties behind the counter and a wee kitchen out the back for mastering the complex dishes. I had your corn fritters. I have to admit, they were almost on par with Clodeli's. And they didn't just taste good cause I was super hungry and anything would've tasted good, they were good. Plus, I know for sure they were good cause there was a famous guy visiting your establishment at the same time we were, also having the corn fritters. And famous people know their food. So, I think you were good. Not amazing and not great at delivering on knife sharpness, but good.

Coffee: 4 Good large coffees.
Eggs: ? Sorry, can't comment on eggs. 
Toast: ? Also can't comment on toast, but the boys' sourdough looked nice.
Knife: 2 No blade in sight.
Ambience: 3 It was okay. You had famous people which is cool. I'll give you a bonus point for that.
Price: 4 $8 for eggs any way on any toast. Big brekkies only $15.9. Almost identically priced to Le Monde.