Katipo ♥♥♥

101 Bondi Road, Bondi - Map
Sunday 9 October 2011

3.33 'Brekkie meets Pocket Bar'

Hello Katipo. You are a quirky Bondi brekkie joint. You're a long cluttered dark space with lounge chairs and tables for patrons, paintings and bikes hanging from walls, bottles of booze behind the bar, tattooed arty wait staff taking orders, menus pasted within old books and my personal favourite, just to throw you on a dusty Sunday morning, vodka bottles used as water jugs. You have charm Katipo. But you have shite cutlery. Your knives and forks would have to be the worst I've come across to date. Lucky you make up for it with your quirks and yummy eggs. I like you.
Coffee: 3.5
Eggs: 4  My scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection. None of that fake fluff stuff.
Toast: 4 I couldn't even pronounciate some of your toast options.
Knife: 1 Rubbish.
Ambience: 4  
Price: 3.5 $9.90 for eggs on toast, not bad.

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