Speakeasy Bar ♥♥

83 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach - Map
Sunday 4 December 2011

2.16 'A winter hideout - but be prepared to spend the entire winter'

Hello Speakeasy Bar. Gosh do I have a lot to say about you. A lot. So, I had actually wanted to visit Jed’s Food Store today, but it was so windy in their big open pad that I sought salvation from the side-ways rain and unexpected cold in your corner café hideout. You are teeny tiny. Packed to the edges with big old sofas amongst dark wood tables; with risque paintings, mirrors and shelves of wine on your walls; and red lamp shades and ladders (with tea cups and customer orders attached) hanging from your black roof. You’re dark and diney.  Moulin Rouge-esque. I like it. But, you have some serious flaws. You are understaffed for one. You’ve got 22 odd people crammed inside you, one waiter isn’t going to cut it. Secondly, you’re under-resourced. One oven only? Please. The slow service would’ve been foregivable had you been upfront about it: “Hey guys, just wanted to let you know we’re quite busy today with only one oven and a part-time barrista, it’s going to be a bit of a wait for coffee and food – is that cool?”. Instead though, you said nothing and we waited 40 mins before our food came, followed then by our coffees. Outrageous. Other patrons were dissatisfied too, which made things more uncomfortable. You lacked proactive confidence, honesty and upfrontness. It was rude. Your food however was delicious. I had the boiled egg (only one though) with proscuitto and aioli. And Damien had the chorizo baked eggs. They weren’t huge portions, but it was quality food. You have so much potential Speakeasy. So much.

Coffee: 1.5 This is my worst coffee review yet. It wasn't that bad, it just wasn't that great either. It arrived 40 mins after we ordered it - big let down. It wasn't thick and creamy. The froth was a little weak. It cost $5. And no, there were no chocolate bits.  
Eggs: 3 The eggs were very well cooked. I would've given you a 4 but given your kitchen resources, you only offer boiled or baked eggs, no poached or scrambled.  
Toast: 2 Yes, you had sourdough. But, they were thin tiny pieces and you didn't offer an alternative.
Knife: 2 
Ambience: 2.5 Again, I would've given you a 4 for your cosy, winter hideout-ness, but the stress I incurred whilst waiting and listening to others' frustrations with your slugishness made me uncomfortable. 
Price: 2
 Not great either, your coffee was $5 and took a short life time to organise. Your boiled eggs on tiny toast was $7.50. 

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