Charlie Lovett ♥♥♥

27 Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay - Map
Saturday 19 November 2011

2.9 'Ready-to-go-go'

Good morning Charlie. You're a busy little spot in Neutral Bay. When I arrived at your establishment, I went to your counter to request a menu and was particularly unnerved by the news that you didn't have one. Browsing a menu and flirting with the idea of consuming the assortment of items on it is one of my favourite past times. You put me on the spot. I had to decide there at the counter what I was to eat. Gah. I ordered a coffee and fruit bread, toasted. A safe bet, which luckily for you, turned out to be quite satisfying. Although the process and the lack of eggs isn't normally my cup of tea, it clearly works for you. The locals seem to like your variety of light meals - of crossaints, ready-to-go sandwiches, coffess, toasts and bakery treats. And I don't mind your set-up. But I probably won't be back - I need eggs and a menu please.

Coffee: 3.5 Quite good. 
Eggs: ? Can't comment.
Toast: 3.5
Knife: 2 Nope. But I guess given you don't do big meals, you don't really need hearty knives.
Ambience: 2.5 You're nice, but without table service, menus and proper brekkie items, I'm not your biggest fan.
Price: 3
Hard to gauge with no menu, but it seemed okay. $8.50 for my bread and coffee.