Nancy's ♥♥♥

17 Clovelly Road, Randwick - Map
10am Sunday 22 May 2011

3.0 'Tiny tables'

Hello Nancy's. You're the best option on Clovelly Road. (Park is a little pricey and serves Turkish bread with its eggs (blasphemy) and that place across the road from you gave me dirty glasses one time and made me wait an hour for food.) Today I had your ricotta pancakes with berry compote, yogurt and maple syrup. I liked it. But I wouldn't write home about it. Damien's eggs were very gooey which pleased me. But a butter knife for his sourdough? Why? And a tiny unbalanced table for him to try hack his way through it? Needless to say, the whole situation ended in tears. The rocking knocked one of the water glasses off the table which shattered all over the floor. And you only have yourself to blame Nancy's. Butter knife + sourdough + wobbly tiny table = broken glassware and unhappy patrons. In addition, although I appreciated speedy service, I dislike receiving my coffee with my breakfast at the same time. Coffee first and then food. Oh dear. I feel I'm being hard on you today Nancy's. Don't get me wrong, your bakery treats, interesting menu, cute decor, outside little tables and yummy coffee is what brings us back, but today you just didn't cut it.

Coffee: 4 Good big coffees, with marshmellows too!
Eggs: 3 Gooey
Toast: 3 We like sourdough
Knife: 2 Bad knives
Ambience: 3 Small cafe with cute decor
Price: 3