Whole Meal Cafe ♥♥

6 Flinders Street, Darlinghurst - Map
Sunday 15 May 2011

2.67 'Not my usual cup of tea'

Hello Whole Meal Cafe. You’re relatively new on the block. You were very busy today and a little inexperienced and underprepared I’d say. We waited for over 40 minutes before our coffees arrived. That’s just not on Whole Meal. You were in chaos - plates smashing, orders missing, turning patrons away. Rookie errors. But your whole food concept, very reasonably priced menu (between $8 for eggs and toast to $16 for the big breakfast) with items such as ‘skimmed milk scrambled eggs’ and ‘high protein breads’ and very cool set-up on Flinders Street was quite exciting. I had your basil pesto scrambled eggs with avocado, mushrooms and bacon. Everything was fresh and healthy; the fat on my bacon was pre-trimmed and oil-free and the eggs hadn’t been doused in cream. Only downside was the soggy brown bread beneath, supposedly sour dough. Oh, and the hour long wait to be fed. Once you sort your service out Whole Meal, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. A cool diner style cafe.

Coffee: 2 If you have the time to wait for it.
Eggs: 3 Fresh and healthy. Can’t comment on the poached though.
Toast: 2 Said sour dough, but I suspect it was brown bread.
Knife: 2 Not sharp, but not required.
Ambience: 3 Rustic diner style. Not your Bills or Brown Sugar, but lively buzzing cafe.
Price: 4 Very reasonable.

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