Three Blue Ducks ♥♥

143 Macpherson St, Bronte - Map
Saturday 23 July 2011

2.33 'Two Raw Eggs'

Hello Three Blue Ducks. You are a cute spot in Bronte. But I find your menu uninspiring. Every time I read the list of items, nothing jumps out and grabs me.  Where are the stock standard two eggs, any style, on any toast? Today I had your baked eggs with serrano ham. People on eatability rave about this dish. But I wasn't a fan. It was far too salty and the eggs too raw. Barely palatable. I was cringing as I made my way through it. As usual, no decent knife to assist me with the sourdough.

Coffee: 3 Your coffee is good.
Eggs: 1 No eggs + extras option. The 'baked' eggs were raw and salty. Bleh.
Toast: 3 Yes, you had sourdough.
Knife: 2 Nothing to write home about here.   
Ambience: 3 Relaxed. Beachy. Cool open kitchen.
Price: 2 Pricey for portion sizes. Eg. D's pancakes were $18. He was still hungry.