Tiger Mottle ♥♥♥♥

248 Glenmore Road, Five Ways, Paddington - Map
Saturday 7 May 2011

4.3 'There's no denying it - I love you Tiger'

Tiger Mottle. You still remain my favourite. Damien and I often visit you two days in a row you're so good. Others who have visited you haven't appreciated you quite as much (eg. Nick with his hatred of warm water glasses) but we know better. Your allpress coffee with chilled chocolate balls on top remains my favourite cappuccino ever and your ham eggs benedict is so fancy with its home made onion jam. You’re always busy but your simple, spacious decor (and rules on pax per table) allow everyone to feel comfortable and not cramped. Today I sat up at your bench and had your poached eggs with mushrooms, onion jam and a polenta hash brown, and as always, was not disappointed. How do you make it so good every time? Your only drawback Tiger is your blunt knives. My one pet hate. If only you would give me a steak knife like Indigo, my brekkie quest would be over. You would win. Alas though, the quest continues.

Coffee: 5 Amazing. The best coffee in my life to date.
Eggs: 5 Perfectly gooey poached eggs
Toast: 4 Sourdough. My favourite.
Knife: 1 Disappointing. How am I expected to cut thick delicious sour dough with the tools you provide?
Ambience: 4
Price: 3 Generally around $25 each, including large soy cap.