The Crossing ♥♥

13 O'Brien St, Bondi - Map
Sunday 16 October 2011

2.8 'Stick to booze'

Hello The Crossing. Eggs and toast aren't normally your style, you're better known for your cocktails and wine. Thankfully though, on this very Sunday, to draw in the morning crowds, you had an offer we couldn't refuse - 50% off all brekkie bills! Yes please. I got some eggs with mushys, avo and ricotta. It was pretty good, especially for a place that's never done breakfast before. Well done you. However, you did have some problems with placing orders on your little machine things; the coffees only came in one size - small - and the knives were particularly rubbish. I also don't know if I fancy your set-up. It lacked pe-zazz. Maybe it's the location. I don't know. I don't try to understand it, I just know I didn't feel completely satisfied. Good try though Crossing. I'll be back for a vino.
Coffee: 2.5 No larges.
Eggs: 3.5 The poached were gooey, the scrambled were tasty, no complaints.
Toast: 3 Yes, it was fine.
Knife: 2 Nah.
Ambience: 2.5 Didn't do it for me. It felt a bit sterile. Lacked charm.
Price: 3.5 $9.50 for eggs on toast, not bad. Big brekkie $17.