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Sunday 7 June 2011

2.83 'Inspired but pricey menu'

Hello 13b. I have not visited you before. You seem to be quite cool in your Darlinghurst location, just down from Pocket and across from the Commons. I visited you on Sunday with Alisha, Dalbs, Cazz, Frizey and Damien. All six of us had either the truffle scrambled eggs, bacon & egg rolls or salsa eggs, all very exciting menu items. I had the truffle eggs. They were fresh and well presented and nice... But I have to admit Pool Cafe's are better. Your Soy and Linseed toast was nice too... But not as good as sourdough. And the avocado was a nice addition... But you'd expect that for $18. And the prosciuto you promised in the menu would've been nice... But instead you fed me some kind of skinny salami. Not sure I'm a fan of spicy sausage meat for breakfast. You're a cool spot 13B, with helpful and amusing waiters who know good service, coffee that's yummy and one fancy mouth watering menu. And although they couldn't handle steak, your knives did do the trick with my soy and linseed, no complaints there, but you don't completely do it for me 13b. So, yet again, my quest continues next weekend...
Coffee: 3 The larges weren't large enough.
Eggs: 3 Good ideas (ie. goats curt and truffles) I'd like to try the bacon & egg roll next.
Toast: 3 You know I like sour dough, but soy & linseed is better than turkish bread I'll give you that.
Knife: 2 Did the job, but not the best knife I've dealt with.
Ambience: 4
Price: 2

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