Jed's Food Store ♥♥♥

60 Warners Ave, Bondi Beach - Map
Sunday 18 December 2011

2.92 'For the shabby North Bondi brekkie experience'

Hello Jed's. You have been very well received on Time Out. They love you. You've got that classic, casual, too-cool-for-school North Bondi thing going on. You've got big open windows, trendy looking shaggy folk hanging out of them, loud Spanish music blaring, coffee pumping and a flurry of waitresses trying to attend to every need. Your menu is pretty extensive - an option for everyone - and I have to admit your eggs with tomato salsa was pretty good. But, like many reviews I've read, I have to agree that your service is a little... hmm... hostile. Also, you have awful cutlery. Gosh. Never have I had to actually forego the use of cutlery and eat with my hands before. It was degrading. A little bit liberating. But mostly degrading. 

Coffee: 4 Big but took a while to organise. 
Eggs: 2.5 Nothing to write home about, but lots of variety. 
Toast: 3
Ambience: 3.5 Cool or Pretentious? It's a close match, but you're just a touch cooler. 
Knife: 1 I ate with my hands. 'Nuff said. 
Price: 3.5 $9.50 for eggs on toast, not bad.

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  1. never trust a cafe that has a 'cash only, no split bills' policy. that's just lazy. and mean.