Specc Cafe ♥♥

344 Clovelly Road, Clovelly - Map
Saturday 9 July 2011

2.33 'Average'

Hello Specc. I've not visited you before. You're opposite the Clovelly Hotel, I can see the water from your outdoor seats. I enjoyed your corn fritters with bacon and roast tomatoes. Sadly your poached egg had cracked before it arrived, but it still tasted very good. There's something about Clodelli's corn fritters that can't be beat though. It must be the wasabi they add to the avo, tom, bacon, salsa mix - genius. Anyway Specc, your service was delightful, location great, the friendly family patrons nice, so I was satisfied. I felt sad for Damien though. I'm sure when he ordered the crispy chat potatoes, poached eggs with chilli jam combo he was expecting something on par with Tiger Mottles brekkie, but it wasn't. You can't win them all though Specc. Perhaps we'll come again to try a less competitive meal...

Coffee: 2 Bit bitter.
Eggs: 3 My poached eggs had broken pre-serving.  
Toast: 2 I had white toast under my fritters, it was a bit much.  
Knife: 2 No blade.  
Ambience: 3 It had a nice relaxed feel.
Price: 2 Good value meals, but extras were extortionate - $4 for bacon.