MOS Cafe ♥♥♥

37 Phillip Street, Sydney - Map
Friday 11 November 2011

3.08 'Corporates'

Hello MOS. Today I visited you with my lovely colleagues. We've visted you before. You're a great spot for a corporate brekkie (and no doubt a corporate bevvie - must try that next time). I got your poached eggs on delicious dark sourdough. I watched on as colleagues ordered green eggs, some amazing mushroom dishes, fruit toasts and more, all of which looked simple and fresh. Although there's nothing about you that screams out originality MOS, you're a safe bet for someone looking for good food, good coffee and a good corporate setting. But no joy for those looking for good knives.

Coffee: 3.5 It's good. 
Eggs: 3 Also good. 
Toast: 3.5 The dark sourdough is thick and squishy, makes for great toast.
Knife: 2.5 Boring.
Ambience: 3.5 You've got the cool corporate thing going on.
Price: 3 About average. $10 for eggs on toast.