Pool Cafe ♥♥♥♥

94 Marine Parade, Maroubra - Map
Saturday 2 July 2011

3.5 'Seaside Getaway'

Oh Pool. How I love traveling down to visit you. You're a touch of cafe heaven in Maroubra. Yummy truffle eggs, great potato rosti's in your benedicts and towering bagels, all to be enjoyed whilst looking over the ocean. You have one problem though - your wait staff. Horrible. Terrible service. And although I appreciate cool cutlery, knife sharpness is still imperative. 

Coffee: 4 Good large soy caps.
Eggs: 4 All shapes and varieties, they're all good. 
Toast: 3 Bagels aren't normally my thing but I enjoyed it. D's toast was white bread... but what it lacked in sour doughness it made up for in hidden potato rosti's. 
Knife: 2 I like your stylish cutlery. But no blade.  
Ambience: 4 Outside in the sun or in the modern indoor, simple clean set-up.
Price: 4 So reasonably priced. Perhaps because rubbish service comes free(!)

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