Two Fratelli Cafe ♥♥

Jones Bay Wharf Shop 80,  26-32 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont - Map
Saturday 26 November 2011

2.5 'Sit outside'

Hello Two Fratelli. Elise took me to visit you. Unfortunately it was raining so we couldn't enjoy your outdoor seating and harbour views. We sat inside. It was awful. You had Rex Hunt's Fishing Adventures blasting from a TV. Why? Why would you have the TV on? And with a show like Rex Hunt that's equally as boring as it is grose? All that gutting of fish, just horrible. It's a Saturday and you're a classy place Two Fratelli. Turn off the telie and put on some tunes. Other than the foresaken noise, you've got all the trimmings of a nice cafe. Cute store front type set up with a cheap and cheerful menu to match. I had the scrambled bruchetta eggs. It was okay. The eggs were a little cakey and the toast was a little soggy (which actually wasn't so bad, it was like microwaved buttered bread, mmm). No surprises that the knife was futile. But then again, I guess you don't need a sharp knife for navigating through soggy bread. Touche Fratelli. Touche.

Coffee: 3 Okay.
Eggs: 2 Cakey. You know I don't like cakey eggs. 
Toast: 2 Soggy bread. Covered in butter.
Knife: 2
Ambience: 2 I think I've sufficiently voiced my thoughts on Rex Hunt. Especially during breakfast. Come on Fratelli. You're better than that.  
Price: 4
Very good value. Nothing over $12.50.