Botanic Gardens Restaurant ♥♥♥

Botanic Gardens, City - Map
Sunday 23 October 2011

3.08 'Pretty but not pleasant'

We visited you as part of the Sydney International Food Festival. You were offering a $25 set menu including bircher museli, eggs benedict, coffee and juice. I was excited. You are a nice place. Nestled in amongst the pretty gardens, looking out to the harbour, serving gourmet food on white table cloths amid the wisteria-draped balcony - what's not to like? I had put an extortionate amount of shrapnel in the parking meter so that I could sit on this balcony and enjoy the experience. But, you disappointed me. You brought out all the food so fast, it was like you couldn't wait to see the back of me. Our two course breakfast was over in a record 23 minutes. The food was actually very good though. Great coffee, gorgeous bircher (in a mini cup!), gooey eggs and delicious ham. But I doubt I'll be back, I prefer the dim lighting of Katipo or the rustic furniture of Bottega over your fancy trimmings. I'm sorry. 

Coffee: 3 Very nice. Great red cups.
Eggs: 3.5 Also very good, huge in fact.
Toast: 3 I like Sonoma bread. But your slice was weedy.
Knife: 3.5 Your cutlery was HUGE. Made for giants. My fork was a trident. It was awesome. 
Ambience: 3 I'm struggling to decide on your ranking. Bonus point for being in the botanical gardens. But minus two points for a) lacking a 'vibe' and b) for serving us so fast it was border-line rude.
Price: 2.5 Gourmet food, but quite spenny. Don't forget to include the $7/hr parking meter. Although with the speed they serve breakkie, you'll only need 20 mins.