Brown Sugar ♥♥♥

106 Curlewis St, Bondi - Map
Sunday 10 July 2011

3.0 'Creative Menu'

Hello Brown Sugar. You do yummy breakfasts and yummy dinners. Which come to think of it, makes you even more of a cutlery culprit. Why not just use your dinner knives at breakfast?! Anyway, I digress. Last time we visited, I had your veggie stack, tasty. Today I had your truffle poached eggs on asparagus, inventive. And Damien had your salmon benedict, delicious. You have such finesse in presentation and the combination of ingredients. I like you a lot. For some reason though you are always full of children. Don't get me wrong, I like kiddies, but these ones are particularly noisy. They like to scream or bash plates with forks (perhaps they also dislike your cutlery?) and I find it very intense for a Saturday morning. Next time I will try one of your neighbours...

Coffee: 3 Can't complain.
Eggs: 4 Delicately gooey. 
Toast: 3 I saw one girl send her toast back because it was still bread. Mine was crunchy, but not sour dough. 
Knife: 2 Blade please?  
Ambience: 3 It's always busy inside, a little cramped but has a good vibe. I docked you a point for your noisy baby patrons. 
Price: 3 Not cheap, but not bad for what you get. 

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