Cinnamon Cafe ♥♥♥

32 New South Head Road, Vaucluse - Map
Saturday 5 November 2011

3.08 'Cheapest yet'

Hello Cinnamon. You're brand spanking new on the cafe scene, and you have two big things going for you: 1) Allpress coffee and 2) a very, very reasonably priced menu. But that's about the extent of it. Everything else works against you. Your proximity to a servo on a quiet street, your awkward wait staff, your empty cafe that's sweltering hot inside but to sit alfresco would be equally unpleasant given the three old birds smoking like chimneys outside. Grose. And not to mention your flakey knives - useless things (see photo below for evidence). Maybe with time you'll figure it out. Good luck to you Cinnamon.

Coffee: 4 Allpress is one thing you have going for you.
Eggs: 3 Your eggs were pretty good.
Toast: 4 And so were your toast options. I had soy and quinoa. So you have a couple of things going for you.
Knife: 1.5 Gah. Horrible cheap things.
Ambience: 1 We had two options: sit outside in the cigarette smoke or inside in the repressive heat. Also, the place was empty.
Price: 5 The first ever 5 for price! $7 for eggs on toast any style, it's a record. And nothing over $14. This is the best thing about you Cinnamon.