Burnt Orange ♥♥♥

1109 Middle Head Road, Mosman - Map
Saturday 22 October 2011

3.38 'For ladies who brunch'

Gosh. Don't hate me Burnt Orange. I know I am doing you and all my many(!) followers an unforgivable injustice by visiting you for afternoon tea and shamelessly blogging about you when this is strictly a 'brekkie' blog. I will surely lose all credibility. I had to though. You were so cute with your mis-matching white, pale blue and pink chairs, elegantly decorated china and sweet tea pots. And not to mention your spectacular views over the harbour. You were very charming Burnt Orange. Very. Which is why I must blog about you - the people need to know. I had a girlie afternoon tea in your presence, with date scones, jam, cream, tea and talk of engagement parties, weddings and other such things. It was simply divine. I would like to come back and see what you do for breakfast Orange. Maybe you'd surprise me and bring out the perfect sourdough slicing knife?! Wouldn't that be nice.

Coffee: 3.5 Good.
Eggs: ? Can't comment.
Toast: ? Can't comment. But the scones were well nice.
Knife: 2 Twas fine. Wouldn't do with toast.
Ambience: 4 Delightful.  
Price: 4 The scones were a mere $4.50! With views like yours Orange, unheard of.

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