Beach Cafe (Malabar) ♥♥♥

59 Bay Parade, Malabar
Saturday 17 November 2012

3.0 'Basic beachside brekkie'

Hello Beach Cafe. I hear you're the rogue twin brother of Pool Cafe. You're almost identical, but located a little further down the coast and attracting far fewer brekkie questers. Given your menu was similar to Pool's, I opted for your crispy corn fritters with bacon and avo salsa. They looked delicious but alas, they were merely pancakes with a sour salsa mix, not one bit like Pool's. I wasn't a fan. Thankfully I had a nibble of Damien's eggs benedict with potato rosti to mitigate the disappointment - that dish managed to stack up against your twins. You're pretty quiet and out of the way, but you're a peaceful alternative to the usual bustle of the city. I liked you. I didn't love you. 

Coffee: 2.5 Nice.  
Eggs: 4  Damien's poached eggs were very gooey. 
Toast: ? No toast today. 
Knife: 2 Average. Nothing to write home about.
Ambience: 3.5 You're a quiet spot, just near tiny Malabar Beach, with a few tables out in the sun and some inside. I wouldn't put you down as a people watching beach hang-out, more the kind of spot for a quiet brekkie out of the way. 
Price: 3 Pretty good actually, $8.50 for eggs on toast and nothing over $16. 

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