Cafe Japone ♥♥♥

1 Canberra Street, Randwick - Map
Sunday 22 April 2012

2.58 'Fast and fresh. Cheap and cheerful'

Morning Japone. I had my doubts about you when I arrived - you're a Japanese restaurant playing at breakfast; you don't do table service; you were crawling with noisy children and puppies; and one of your waitresses was wearing hiking socks with crocs. Ghastly! Thankfully, everything you lacked was made up for with cheap and cheerful meals and ginormous coffees. $8.50 it was for our toast and bagels with smoked slmon and mini cheese omlette. $8.50? Incredible value. You're by no means the grooviest cafe around - and you don't have that je ne sais quoi, that finesse I look for in every brekkie establishment - but you're popular with the older folk and young families. I suspect for your fresh, easy food and great value. No surprises that your knives weren't up to scratch. Mind the pun(!). 

Coffee: 3.5 Bowls of coffee. Bowls.
Eggs: 2.5 You don't do poached, but your mini cheese omelette was an interesting addition to my salmon bagel.
Toast: 2 The toasted bagel was quite tasty. Not sure what you're like in the way of toast though. 
Knife: 1 Boring.
Ambience: 2.5 Families; oldies; puppies - anything goes here. 
Price: 4 $8 for bacon and scrambled / fried eggs on toast. Our bagel meal was only $8.50. 

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