No.9 Cafe ♥♥♥♥

Ward Street, Potts Point - Map
Saturday 8 October 2011

3.67 'Chandeliers and all'

Gosh. It has been a long time since I've been for a Sydney east side breakfast. A long time. I visited you on a whim No.9 and I was pleased. I can't believe how tiny you are though. You've got a big old chandelier hanging from the ceiling, books and oil paintings on the walls, with a few indoor tables and a few more out on the walkway, just beyond your New York style entry awning. Your brekkie menu consists mainly of egg dishes, but there is a hotcake option too. The coffees good, the sole waitress pe-zazzy and the decor intimately refined. All in all, very impressive No.9.  

Coffee: 3.5 Large.
Eggs: 4 Gooey. 
Toast: 3.5 Sourdough.
Knife: 3 Nope. But I'm not surprised. You're too fancy for serrated edges. 
Ambience: 4 Tres cool inside. Not bad outside. 
Price: 4 $10 for eggs or you can get 2 eggs and 2 sides for a mere $15.