Forbes & Burton ♥♥♥

252 Forbes Street, Sydney - Map
Sunday 13 November 2011

2.62 'Original menu. Cranky staff'

Hello FAB. I have been wanting to visit you for such a long time now. You're the corner cafe within a pretty sandstone building, flaunting big open windows, tables made of recycled timber for alfresco or indoor dining and happy looking patrons to boot. You have a nice feel. And you promote Sydney Water which I lilke. But you have cold and unfriendly staff. Yuck. Just when our food arrived, you unhelpfully and unapologetically relocated us to a smaller table so you could fit more people in. When we requested the bill, it never came. When we watched other people order coffees, your barista was rude to them. It wasn't a happy environment. I didn't like it. Your only redeeming feature was your food. I had french toast with caramelised apple and lime and mint ricotta. It was incredible. Missing the knife factor though.  

Coffee: 3.5 Good creamy larges.  
Eggs: ? Can't comment.
Toast: ? Can't comment.
Knife: 2 Whatever.
Ambience: 2 Your lovely set-up and busy tables were tainted by your awful wait staff. 
Price: 3
Not overly cheap, but delicious food.