Le Monde ♥♥♥♥

83 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills - Map
Saturday 13 August 2011

3.66 'Gourmet toasts and top class coffee'

Hello Le Monde. I like your menu. You've got fresh ingredients, Sonoma breads, yummy looking bakery treats, eggs on toast for a mere $8.50 and fabulous coffee. I had your scrambled eggs with feta and spinach leaves on miche bread, yes, miche. I like the way you only serve fancy toasts. Sourdough, walnut raisin, ciabatta or miche, none of this boring thick white business. Your waiters are quick to please and your queue of patrons endless. I can see why you are one of the top ten in the 2011 Sydney Cafe Guide. Not quite up to speed ont he the knife situation though Monde...

Coffee: 4 Great coffee. Only missing the chocolate shavings.
Eggs: 4 Your scrambled eggs were divine, none of that pre-made creamy cake taste.
Toast: 5 Take your pick of gourmet Sonoma breads with every menu item.
Knife: 2 Lacking blade.
Ambience: 3 Buzzing with families, fitties, couples, friends.
Price: 4 $8.50 for eggs any way on any toast. Big brekkies only $16. Bargains.