Deli Bottega ♥♥♥♥

144-148 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach - Map
Sunday 17 July 2011 
Note, management has changed since this review and as such may not be as groovy.

3.67 'Trendy Bondi local'

Hello Bottega. You are a trendy little spot aren't you? I like your hanging bird cages, fun blackboard messages and cheeky local patrons. You're like a funky bar that serves eggs and coffee instead of wine and cheese boards. I had your pumpkin and cinnamon bread with ricotta and fruit compote. Nice combo. D's proscuitto and eggs with basil was equally yummy. The best part was the coffee - you scatter real chocolate on your caps just like Tiger! And although the knife wasn't sharp, I appreciate the hearty weight of it. I'll be back Bottega, I like you...

Coffee: 4 Bonus point for chocolate flakes on top of the caps (yum!), but docked a point for slight bitterness.
Eggs: 4 Big and gooey. 
Toast: 4 No sourdough but rye is nice. 
Knife: 3 Not serrated but I do like its weighty handle and style.   
Ambience: 4 Good music, chilled vibe, very local. 
Price: 3 Standard - eggs on toast $9.50