La Repubblica ♥♥

51 The Esplanade, Balmoral - Map
Sunday 20 November 2011

2.5 'Bad bang for buck'

Hello La Repubblica. I like your Italian charm. You have red and white awnings, flowers on tables, chandeliers and two storeys of real estate to host your many customers. And all on the shores of Balmoral Beach. A lovely setting for a sunny Sunday morning. You do an all day breakfast. Nice. But there are only a handful of items on the menu. I had the eggs on toast (a hefty $12) with mushrooms on wholegrain rye. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped, the shrooms were too garlicy and the toast was basically multi-grain. Ems had the clay pot eggs, for $18 this was also disappointing. Your bang for buck ratio is way off Repubblica. Way off. With a little finessing of your menu, cutlery and pricing strategy, you could be a top spot at Balmoral. 
Coffee: 3 Average.
Eggs: 3 Good scrambled eggs. Ems baked eggs were very raw.  Bleh.
Toast: 2.5 The rye was glorified multi-grain.
Knife: 2 No joy.
Ambience: 3.5 Bustling big Italian beach restaurant, popular with the locals.
Price: 1 The most expensive eggs on toast I've seen yet - $12. And it would've been acceptable had the eggss and toast been a little bit fancy, but they weren't.