Bondi Hardware ♥♥♥

39 Hall Street, Bondi - Map
Saturday 15 April 2012

3.3 'Don't be fooled by their bar exterior, they do a bangin' brekkie' 

Hello Hardware. You're one of a handful of Bondi hot-spots at the minute. And as such, you're always busy. I've struggled to get a table in your midst's on a number of occasions, but today Anna, Elena, Damien and myself got lucky. Wandering into your dark underground bar scene at breakfast time feels momentarily out of sorts. You're packed with people huddled around wooden benches on stools, with vegetation creeping about the walls and waitresses darting the floor - it's almost like a scene from Ivy Bar. I felt compelled to order a cider. But I didn't. I had a cappuccino and your BLAT with halloumi. It's the business. And I appreciate any meal served on a cheese board. Your knives were pretty sad looking, but you made up for it by delivering them to us in a 'hardware' box. Nice touch, Hardware. We liked you. You're particularly - for lack of a better word - bangin'. 

Coffee: 3.5 
Eggs: ? No eggs today. 
Toast: 4 Sonoma breads are always a winner with me. 
Knife: 1.5 Nothing special. But I like that it arrived in a 'hardware' box. 
Ambience: 4 Buzzing with groovy tunes and packed with locals.  
Price: 3.5 $9 for eggs on toast with tomato and rocket, great value. Nothing over $18.

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