SumCafe ♥♥

46 Frenchmans Road, Randwick - Map
Sunday 12 February 2012

1.9 'I prefer you at wine time'

Hello SumBar, also known as SumCafe. I enjoy dropping in for an evening vino at your establishment and I’ve been curious to see how you perform at breakfast. I went today. We sat inside. It felt like we were at a hotel buffet – your furniture was a bit old hat and your retail shop front windows were a complete style faux pas. You were not off to a great start. In terms of your food though, I enjoyed my Sumhaloumistack. That said, the poached eggs were overcooked and although your toast was nice, there wasn't much variety. Your coffee was dandy. Your knives were dull. Hmmm. I like you Sumbar, but I think you need to pay some more attention to your poor friend SumCafe, she needs some lovin'. 

Coffee: 2.5 You didn't excite me too much.
Eggs: 1.5 Overcooked. 
Toast: 2 There wasn't a huge inspiring variety. 
Knife: 1 No charm, no blade.
Ambience: 1.5 I felt like I was inside a hotel / retail shop. You lacked soul and charisma.
Price: 3 $9.50 for eggs on toast, pretty standard.

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