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3/45 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay - Map
Sunday 18 February 2012

3.25 'Allpress coffee'

Hello Elizabeth Bay Cafe. We’d actually come to Potts Point to visit Wilburs Place, a new jazzy restaurant in Llankelly Place that although didn’t inspire us this morning, would be a very nice spot to accompany a leisurely read of the paper with a coffee and a light brekkie. Alas, we were in the mood a hearty breakfast this morning, and after a little wander, we stumbled upon Lizzy Bay Cafe. You were busy. And you were a little sluggish on the table service front. Your menu was neat, but not overly enthralling - I had your avocado, tomato, ricotta meal and Damien had your eggs bennie. Both were lovely. I couldn’t really fault you Lizzy, you had just about everything right – indoor and outdoor seating, kitsch little space, cute decor, allpress coffee, stylish and simple menu – but I think it was your staff unfriendliness that let you (and me) down. And maybe also the hill you have outside, I’m being picky now I know, but sitting on a slant was weird. All in all though, I did enjoy what you had on offer, and I also appreciated the cute markets in your vicinity for a post-brekkie browse. 

Coffee: 4 Allpress. Can't go wrong. 
Eggs: 3.5 Damien's eggs looked noice. 
Toast: 3 There only seemed to be turkish and sourdough, but sourdough none-the-less.
Knife: 2.5 It wasn't completely style-less, but it wasn't exactly functional either. 
Ambience: 3.5 It was a nice spot, just down from Gazebo, but your characterless wait staff let you down. 
Price: 3 $10 for eggs on toast was good.

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