Kokkino Kafe ♥♥♥

6 Perouse Road, Randwick - Map
Sunday 25 March 2012

3.16 'A tasty gem at The Spot'

Well well well Kokkino, weren't you a surprise. We stumbled upon you at The Spot early one morning. You aren't much to look at, but boy can you make a stack..! Your corn chilli fritters with almost everything were sensational. They had nine ingredients. Nine. All packaged up into a towering inferno known as 'the stack'. You're simple - you've got basic decor scattered around a small space, with a bench lining your open windows for patrons like me to lean on as we watch the world go by. You attract the Randwick locals who have clearly tuned in to your cheap, cheerful and delicious offerings. You may not be the coolest place in The Spot, but you've certainly proved yourself as a haven for good food and friendly service.

Coffee: 3.5  
Eggs: 3.5 A big gooey egg was at the peak of our food mountain.
Toast: 3 And a crusty piece of sourdough was hiding at the base.
Knife: 2 It wasn't ideal.
Ambience: 3 It was nice to sit by the window and read the paper. 
Price: 4 Super good value. $8 for eggs on toast - wow. 

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