Flat White ♥♥♥

98 Holdsworth Street, Woollahra - Map
Saturday 10 March 2012

3.42 'Popular with Paddo folk'

Well hello Flat White. I visited you today with Cazz and Anna, for a girlie brekkie catch up to discuss all things new and exciting in our worlds of work, community projects and upcoming social events. Your space was ideal for this - open, fresh and kitted out with simple decor that had an air of fancy and was alive with others sharing similar brekkie conversations. You were a hive of activity and just about everyone in Paddington wanted a piece of the action. And why not? Your menu was vast; your ingredients, gourmet; your coffee, delicious; and your service, speedy. The thickness of your toast however, was borderline frightening. The poor girl next to us had to battle your towering inferno of banana topped chunky sourdough with a knife half its size. That wasn't very nice now was it, Flat White? If you're going to serve toast that size, you need to arm your patrons with the right equipment. The toast aside, you were refreshingly tasteful and full of energy, Flat White. We liked you.

Coffee: 4 Yummy coffees, as you'd hope with a name like Flat White. 
Eggs: 4.5 Delicious and perfectly cooked.
Toast: 2.5 Not a huge variety, just white sourdough, and lots of it! Heaven forbid one was GF.
Knife: 2 Defenceless in its battle against your toast. 
Ambience: 4 Alive with Paddington couples, families, friends and sporty folk.
Price: 3.5 $11 for eggs on toast is a little spenny, but your food is quality.

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