M Deli ♥♥♥

32A Fletcher Street, Tamarama - Map
Wednesday 25 April 2012

3.08 'Fine deli foods'

Hello M Deli. Funnily enough, you're a deli. A deli with ready made meals or brekkies to order. We ordered at your counter, from your options on the black board and were suitably content with your buttered toast, poached eggs and particularly your tomato chutney. You're a simple and friendly establishment with a variety of food options that keep your patrons coming back. That is all. 

Coffee: 3 Not bad. 
Eggs: 3.5 Pretty gooey.
Toast: 4 Quite delicious. 
Knife: 2 Disappointing.
Ambience: 3 Bronte families and friends were catching up inside and others were ordering take-aways to share at home.   
Price: 3 Fairly standard. 

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