Bondi Picnic ♥♥♥♥

Bondi Picnic, 101 Hall Street, Bondi - Map
Saturday 27 April 2012

3.58 'Better than the real thing'

Morning Picnic. You're the next best thing to hit Hall Street. And I really really like you. Your decor is probably your grooviest asset. Followed by your gourmet food. You're fresh and crisp; sunny and open; funky and friendly. You're a great cafe for a proper Bondi brekkie. And you know how to create and present food. Your menu covers everything from truffled eggs to pancetta and back to home made chutney. And you're fairly heavy handed with your servings. You're an absolute 'picnic' to spend an hour or so in. You're knife however could've been sharper to defeat my crunchy toast. And I think at the end of our time with you, one of your wait staff really butchered our bill. All resolved in the end though. 

Coffee: 3.5 Cute mugs.
Eggs: 4 Tasty scrambled. 
Toast: 4 Your sourdough is thick, crunchy and abundant. 
Knife: 2 Nothing special.
Ambience: 4 Very chilled. 
Price: 4 Great value. Gourmet food and nothing over $14. 

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