Reuben Hills ♥♥♥♥

61 Albion Street, Surry Hills - Map
Saturday 26 May 2012

4.0 'No es tu desayuno normal'

Hola Reuben Hills. Me cai en amor con usted de forma casi instantanea. Your rustic-timber-meets-industrial-steel furnishings were packed to the rafters with groovy looking patrons and the smell of delicious South American cuisine. I was excited. I was very excited. And you didn't disappoint. For such a new cafe, you were a well oiled machine - seamlessly greeting, allocating tables, turning around orders before whisking customers out the door, only to bring in the next batch, yet still managing to make one feel at home. Your service was top notch. And so was your food. People don't come to you for eggs on toast. They come for your Baleada and Doggs Breakfast, your salt caramel milkshakes and single origin coffee. All of which is served on an eclectic mix of crockery accompanied by a variety of cutlery. Clever. Cazz and I liked you very much. Que fueron una sorpresa agradable.

Coffee: 3.5 Delicious.
Eggs: 4.5 The best baked eggs I've ever had. Ever.
Toast: 4 Crispy and warm - sensational. 
Knife: 4 Not necessarily sharp, but definitely creative.
Ambience: 4 You had it going on Reuben. You were full of happy people, with attentive friendly staff.
Price: 4 Very reasonably priced. 

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