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563 Crown Street, Surry Hills - Map
Sunday 27 May 2012

3.5 'Tasties on Crown Street'

Hello Gnome. I've always wanted to have brekkie with you. You're opposite Four Ate Five and seem to attract lots of fancy folk. You do big coffees and tasty toast. And I might even go as far as to say you offer the best jam, ever. Yep, I said it. It must have something to do with the juxtaposition of your creamy butter with your juicy sweet jam, atop your chunky toast. I would've liked to have tried a few other things on your menu, all of which offered real originality and were very reasonably priced, eg. the grilled polenta, asparagus, poached eggs, truffle oil and parmesan ($14) or the mini benny roll on brioche ($8.50). I also enjoyed sitting on Crown Street, people watching whilst idly chit-chatting with my buddy, Scotty. You weren't scoring quite as many goals in the knife department, however. 

Coffee: 3.5 Very large bowls.
Eggs: ? No comment. Although Scotty's looked pretty tasty. 
Toast: 4 Wowsers. Your toast, butter, jam combo was delicious. 
Knife: 2 Dull.
Ambience: 4 Inside by the bustling shop-front or outside in the sun for people watching on Crown Street, happy days either way. 
Price: 4 $9.50 for poached eggs on toast. Nothing over $14. 

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