X74 ♥♥♥

10 Bream Street, Coogee - Map
Sunday 1 July 2012

3.08 'Service with a smile'

Hello X74. You are named after the X74 bus route from Coogee to the City which makes a stop just outside your front door. And you are new to the Coogee hood. You're an unpretentious spot, with down-to-earth Aussie bloke waiters, all dressed in your black polo shirt uniform and all of whom couldn't be nicer. Your owner, Tim, is super welcoming. He even went as far as purchasing the Sunday paper form the neighbouring newsagents for us to read. Just lovely. Your menu was simple but effective; your food also simple but effective; and your coffee, absolutely tops. In the 5 weeks you've been open you've already attracted a nice crowd of families, oldies and friendlies. Knife wasn't what I'd hoped, but you'll learn. Good luck X74.

Coffee: 4 Smooth Allpress brew. 
Eggs: 3 Great poached and scrambled. 
Toast: 3.5 Sonoma sourdough, either white or with linseed. 
Knife: 3 Not flimsy but not serrated either. 
Ambience: 3 You're no Black Pony with tattooed surfers grinding your coffees. You're more of a Kokkino, but with friendly Aussie dad's running the show. You've got paintings on the walls for sale, an open kitchen, Jack Johnson on the stereo and lots of happy people enjoying your friendly vibe. 
Price: 2 The $8 eggs on toast are very reasonable. But $4 for a side of mini hash browns or a handful of mushrooms? Didn't quite cut it. 

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