The Book Kitchen ♥♥♥

255 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills - Map
Sunday 22 July 2012

2.67 'A bustling communal kitchen with a side of books'

Hello Book Kitchen. You were frantic today. Frantic. I had hoped to come and see you for a quiet read of one of your many books (or the paper) whilst I sat at the corner of your communal table and sipped a soy latte in peace. Instead, I was welcomed by hordes of hungry people; frantic wait staff and the sound of smashing plates. It was almost a bit much for my traditionally relaxed Sunday mornings. We stuck by you however and were handsomely rewarded with a hot coffee and a tasty bacon and egg roll with a heavy handed serve of relish. Yum. While you do offer communal dining, a lavish menu and not to mention books a-plenty, your buzzing environment wasn't overly conducive for my reading plans. You probably should've been called 'The kitchen for eating gourmet food with large groups of noisy friends'. That would've been more apt. Next time I will be better informed. Next time I will bring my friends and leave reading for the likes of Gertrude and Alice. 

Coffee: 3 The coffee was good, but no larges.   
Eggs: 4 For a fried egg, mine was particularly gooey.
Toast: 2 White bread. It was okay.   
Knife: 2 Nothing to write home about. 
Ambience: 3 Everyone wanted a piece of your action today. You were busy.
Price: 2 You're not cheap BK. Eggs on toast starts at $11 and sides are spenny. And your corn fritters can be as much as $25.50.

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