Revolver ♥♥♥♥

291 Annandale Street, Annandale 
Sunday 9 September 2012

3.83 'We'll return (or revolve?) for more steak-knife joy.'

Hello Revolver. For a seemingly remote location, you draw quite a crowd. You're set on a quiet suburban street - in an old unassuming corner-store building - you've got super friendly wait staff, groovy decor (trundle library ladder included); and a killer menu to boot. I opted for your interpretation of bacon and eggs. It was delicious. And elegantly ensembled. I was also suitably impressed with your 'tea timer' - clever - and the speed at which our tables were served. My biggest surprise however came when your cutlery was laid - a hybrid steak / butter knife! You can imagine my delight. Finally, a serrated glint of toast-cutting hope for the Sydney cafe industry. Thank you, Revolver. We'll be back. 

Coffee: 3.5 Strong. Powerful. Served in pretty red mugs.
Eggs: 4 Scrambled were good - none of that fluffy stuff. The baked eggs looked killer too.
Toast: 4 Sonoma breads are always a winner.
Knife: 4 Your hybrid butter-steak knife was impressive and has filled me with hope. Perhaps next time I visit you'll have a fully-fledged serrated knife?
Ambience: 3.5 For a busy place, you were relatively chilled. 
Price: 4 Nothing over $16.50. Incredible value for such gourmet food.

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