Eugene ♥♥♥

69 Macpherson Street, Waverley
Sunday 16 September 2012

3.10 'Tasty new kid on the block.'

Hello Eugene. With a name like yours, one might think you're the nerdy new kid on the block. But you're not. You're pretty sassy; pretty chilled; pretty suave for a nerdy-named-newbie. Your pancakes were killer. They were fluffy and soft and topped with cinnamon ricotta, strawberry compote, crushed pistachios and syrup. Wow. They were nearly on par with Black Pony's. I was also delighted with your simple but sensitive decor, including miss-matched tea spoons and little posies of daisies. For such a young lad, you knew a thing or two about putting on a good spread. Well, aside from an optimum knife - the blade you supplied would've been particularly useless if faced off against Iggy's toast. Gah, I can only imagine the anarchy that would've ensued. You'll learn Eugene. You'll learn. 

Coffee: 3.5 Creamy and wonderful.
Eggs: ?  No comment. I didn't do eggs today - I did pancakes. 
Toast: 4  Iggy's, I like Iggy's. Four points.
Knife: 2 Good for pancakes, not so good for crusty toast.
Ambience: 3.5 Not too busy, not too quiet. Just right for a lazy Sunday morning read of the paper. 
Price: 2.5 Appreciate that you're a little bit gor-met Euge, but $12 for eggs on toast? Please. 

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