Gusto Espresso Bar (Bondi) ♥♥♥

1/16 Hall Street, Bondi Beach
Sunday 14 October 2012

2.6 'Gustoso baked eggs and brew'

Hello Gusto. You're kind of like the other Gusto's, but not. You have an almost identical menu to the Randwick Gusto (minus all the pastry goodies) and a very similar beach-side feel to the Coogee Gusto. You've also got the mandatory killer brew; blackboard menu; and ghastly cutlery - inclusive of flakey knife. One thing your counter-parts don't have however, is your chillaxed Bondi vibe: you've got that little extra sand on the floor; a few more flat whites to make for wet-suited locals; and a larger portion of tired Bondi market goers to feed. You're not my favourite Bondi haunt, Gusto, nor are you my favourite Gusto haunt (I prefer the new joint in Randwick with its bakery treats), but I did enjoy my coffee and baked eggs. Thank you. 

Coffee: 3.5 You do good coffee. I'll grant you that.  
Eggs: 3.5  I actually really enjoy your baked eggs. They're spicy and colourful. "Gustoso", if you will (that's 'tasty' in Italiano).
Toast: 2 Didn't love your toast this morning. 
Knife: 1.5 Awful. Lucky my toast was for dipping, and not slicing. 
Ambience: 3 You're busy inside. I think I would've preferred a seat at one of your outside tables though, you're an ideal spot for people-watching. 
Price: 2.5 Price is okay, given the size of the meals. 

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