Luigi's Deli (Bondi Beach) ♥♥♥

154 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach
Sunday 21 October 2012

3.16 'Allpress coffee & simple delights'

Hello Luigi’s. You're just down the road from Bondi Picnic and up from Deli Bottega. You've got a simple set up - ten or so tables out the front and a small kitchen and barista out the back. Your coffee is Allpress. Your head waiter, charismatic. And your menu, wallet friendly. It seemed I was on to a winner this morning. That was until you served me a cappuccino without chocolate sprinkles (aka a latte). Thankfully, said charismatic waiter swooped over moments later with the cocoa tin. Lucky save. Your eggs were also hit and miss – they were uneasy on the eyes, they looked like they'd been cooked in a box? It was all very confusing, but strangely tasty and satisfying. My biggest delight of the morning however, came when I realized Aquabumps was sitting at the table next to me! As a hero of mine, I was suitably impressed that Aquabumps had brought his family to dine with you, Luigi. Maybe he came for your special eggs too. 

Coffee: 4 For the tasty Allpress. And for salvaging my cappuccino. 
Eggs: 3  Boxey. But tasty. And lots of them. 
Toast: 2  I did not love your toast. 
Knife: 2 Pretty average.
Ambience: 4 Chilled out, good for people watching, not pretentious. 
Price: 4 Nothing over $14.50, eggs on toast is $9. 

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