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185 Avenue Road, Mosman - Map
Sunday 19 February 2012

3.25 'Popular Mossie cafe'

Hello Avenue Road. For a Mosman cafe, you are very well rated across the board. I could see as soon as I arrived why. You've got speedy service, good coffee, an easy to read menu, cute touches, an unpretentious vibe and a queue of patrons out the front looking for all of the above. I'd read about your corn and zucchini fritters and quite enjoyed them (still doesn't beat Clodeli's though - sorry, their wasabi sour cream just makes it). I also enjoyed people watching inside your busy space, you draw huge crowds. Your knife was average, but your collection of teaspoons was lovely. 

Coffee: 3.5 I like that it came with a unique teaspoon. Sweet.
Eggs: ? I can't comment. 
Toast: ? Again, can't comment.
Knife: 2.5 Not sharp, but not bad either. 
Ambience: 4 You were busy. And your service was super speedy and super accurate. 
Price: 3 $9.50 for eggs on sourdough, nice.

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