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19-25 Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay - Map
Saturday 25 February 2012

3.3 'For a quick brew and fresh slice'

Hello CBD in Neutral Bay. You are a tidy looking thing on the corner of an otherwise bland back alley. You do all the breads and bakery treats. They look simply divine. However, your black board menu makes ordering somewhat difficult. You can order one toast on Monday Wednesday Friday's but another only on Friday Sunday and another Friday Saturday and so on. It's rather confusing. What day is it? What toast is that? No, I like that toast, no wait, what day is it? Oh. It's the wrong day. Etc, etc. Anyway, I had hazelnut raisin in the end with a soy cap. It was a quick, simple meal, turned around in under 15 minutes. As such CBD, you aren't exactly my usual lazy brekkie venue preference, but you're a good spot for a quick brew and a slice of fresh toast. And, for some celeb spotting which surprised me - Deni Hines was in our midsts. In an ideal world you'd have serrated knives, but you didn't today. 

Coffee: 4 Pretty decent coffee.
Eggs: ? You don't do eggs, it's mainly toast and bakery goods. 
Toast: 4.5 You know toast CBD. Every type, style and spread. 
Knife: 2.5 No sharpness. 
Ambience: 2 You're nice, but you're probably not somewhere I'd like to sit for hours, ready the paper and people watching. You're about turnover, get people in, fed and watered as quickly as possible. 
Price: 3.5 Hard to really gauge, but everything seemed reasonably priced. 

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